Environmental friendly products.


Rukchat Commercial Ltd.,Part.

Located in Ratchawong Pier area, Rukchat Panich, Part. Ltd. was established in 1965 and became the first plastic mat manufacturer in Thailand. The company imported raw materials, parts and machinery and from Japan for weaving plastic mats under the “Deer Brand” and quickly expanded its market locally and overseas to more than ten countries including the USA, France, Australia and neighboring countries such as Laos and Vietnam where its products were exceptionally popular. 

Innovate The Experience
Not just the Product

The development of Rukchat Commercial Ltd.,Part. throughout 50 years of business is largely based on continuous R&D to align with clients’ needs. This means designing and creating materials and products from mats that offer versatility while stressing on the importance of environmental conservation. This starts from the process of designing, creating, and making sure that every product created does not impact the environment throughout its lifetime use. We collaborate with both government and private sectors to continuously improve our products.

In the year 2021, we are proud to introduce ‘RUK’, an innovative brand that is created with safety of the end user and environment in mind. Our products are simple yet stylish and are designed with ‘Zero Waste’ concept’ during production for our ‘Green Economy’. Recycled materials used are based on “Circular Economy” where consumers can be sure that they are using a product that help eliminate waste in the environment.


RUK can design and manufacture products according to clients’ needs

We design and produce various items from plastic mats which can be made into different products to suit your lifestyle and need. These vary from furniture and home decor, bags, coasters, placemats, picnic mats, car mats and more. As these are made to order, we can adjust style, size and color to suit your space and lifestyle.

RUK offers environmentally friendly products made from waste and recycled materials

We offer products made from materials that are beneficial to the environment like leftover and recycled materials so that consumers can be sure they are contributing to the cleanliness of the environment.

RUK offers advice by a team of experts for product development to suit your project or business

Our team of experts are ready to provide advice on product development concerning the environment to create identity for projects that stress on the importance of environmental conservation. Under the guidance of experts with decades of experience, we maximize resources to their full potential to custom-make products from plastic mats for restaurants, hotels, resorts, retail spaces.

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